Marcos Villatoro is the author of six novels, two collections of poetry and a memoir set in Guatemala. His Romilia Chacón crime fiction books have won national acclaim and are published in five countries.

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"Blood Daughters is complex, suspenseful, topical, and extremely well-told. I've been a fan of Marcos Villatoro's Romilia Chacon novels since the beginning. I hope like hell this book gets the attention it deserves." - C.J. Box | NY Times bestselling author of Cold Wind and Back of Beyond

"Romilia Chacon is one of the most compelling characters in contemporary crime fiction, and Marcos M. Villatoro has brought her to life again with all of his considerable talent and skill. Dashing, stylish and at times harrowing, Blood Daughters may be his best novel yet. Bravo, Villatoro!" - T. Jefferson Parker | Author of The Border Lords and Iron River

Marcos on the American garage sale

Marcos explains how the American garage sale has changed because of these harsh economic times.

Escritor Marcos Villatoro es un Pocho. Definición: fruta podrida; y un mestizo que no sabe nade de sus raíces latina. Por eso va a su país de sangre, El Salvador, para buscar a su familia perdida. Lo que encuentra lo deja más perdido, y trastornado.

Writer Marcos Villlatoro is a Pocho. Definition: a piece of rotting fruit; and a halfbreed Latino who knows nothing about his roots. Marcos means to change that: he travels to his other country of El Salvador to search for his family. What he finds leaves him even more lost, and disturbed, than being labeled a pocho.

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